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Our Plans for 2014-15

Omicron Tau has completed the initial chapter report for 2014-15. This report outlines the activities planned for the coming academic year.

Name of Human Sciences Unit:

College of Health and Human Development

Name of Administrator:


Chapter Vice President:

Samantha Cairns

Name of Adviser:

Dr. Laura Murray-Kolb

Our plans for this year:

We are reinstating this honor society at The Pennsylvania State University for people studying Nutritional sciences, Human development and family studies, and hospitality management at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. We held initiation in mid-September and inducted 34 new members. We obtained opinions and ideas from new members concerning professional development and community service events. Over the course of this academic year, we plan to hold a food drive at a local grocery store to benefit 2 local food banks. We plan to visit a nursing home close to the holidays to visit and interact with residents, and are also planning a yard cleanup day in a local neighborhood. We will also host a professional leadership training session and a question and answer panel with at least 2 professionals from each represented field present. We will be utilizing the career services center at Penn State for additional lectures on topics such as professional dress, resume and cover letter writing, and interviewing skills. We will also team up with other organizations at Penn State such as a Health and Human Development Honor Society and the Student Nutrition Association to collaborate on additional community service and professional activities. We are planning 2 socials, one for the fall and one for the spring and will have monthly society meetings.