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NOTE: Since Fall 2017, submitted reports no longer appear on this site. Reports are available to advisers through the adviser portal, or at the link supplied by national office. Members, to view your chapters reports please speak to your chapter adviser or chapter officers.
Annual Chapter Report 2014-15

Nu Omicron has completed the annual chapter report for 2014-15. Chapter Report B outlines chapters activities completed during the academic year.

This chapter report outlines chapter activity for the year 2014-15

Name of Human Sciences Unit:

Name of Administrator:

Chapter Vice President:

Jeffery Harman

Name of Adviser:

Joni Roh

Number of Kappa Omicron Nu student members at end of academic year: 10, including 11 initiate members.

Nu Omicron held 21 meetings this year.

1. Meetings for the year, identifying Required Program:

September 9, 2014: First meeting of the school year. Had an account balance update ($893.66); Dr Roh, Dr. Hess, Dr. Biddington requested the Seniors to submit their research papers for publication; Addressed the Mission Statement; President Angel Nuñez traveled to Orlando, FL over the summer to attend ScholarCon, She presented her experience and what she learned, and she feels that representation for next year would be valuable; In order to be an active member of the organization, you must be a member on Cal U’s OrgSync, all minutes, meetings, events and information will be displayed on OrgSync from here on out, Dr. Joni Roh will frequently post graduate school information, this is where hours for service activities will be logged; Our focus of service activities was an Anti-Bullying program, as well as a lot of activities with the AT club; In preparation for interviews, we discussed taking a quiz that identifies our strengths and weaknesses that are useful when taking an interview and having a guest speaker that could talk about interview skills; President Angel Nuñez was looking into having a guest speaker come in to talk about GRE test taking tips; Fundraising ideas for the semester were discussed, the ideas were a popcorn sale, a CalU raffle basket, and a card discount for local places in town; The meeting dates were set for the semester; Ideas for the year were talked about, a massage day was discussed, and more possible fundraising ideas.

Things completed within the year: President Angel Nuñez, President Elect Dillon Gorby, Treasurer Tabitha Maurer, and Vice President Jeff Harman organized the CalU raffle basket; The Bullying Initiative website was posted on the Mountaineer Middle School website and was sent to the WV State Department of Education asking for the information to be posted and shared with all WV schools. Here is the URL for the Mountaineer Middle School:
Things not completed within the year: The GRE guest speaker did not come in to speak; One of the fundraising ideas was completed, so the others will be talked about again in the spring semester.

October 14, 2014: Had a balance update ($893.66); It was announced that a $5 dues was needed from each member by next meeting; The Suicide Walk was discussed, it was rained out and was possibly rescheduled for October 25, 2014, the goal for donations for the organization was $100; High School presentations about the profession of Athletic Training was discussed, Vice President Jeff Harman and Treasurer Tabitha Maurer volunteered to do the presentation; Undergraduate Research was discussed and the members were asked to consider publishing; Presentations about KON to the underclassmen were talked about, President-elect Dillon Gorby and President Angel Nuñez volunteered to talk to the sophomores in Clin Ed; Members were reminded to go to and apply for scholarships and grants; The raffle ticket basket fundraiser was discussed and ticket prices were set; A Facebook account for the Nu Omicron (KON) chapter was created by Vice President Jeff Harman, the URL is: , He is to train and provide Dr. Carol Biddington with the editing capability for the Facebook page. This page was created for all graduating Cal U students in KON, because once they graduate they no longer have a email and can no longer receive updated through OrgSync.
Things completed within the year: Vice President Jeff Harman and Treasurer Tabitha Maurer presented to Mountaineer Middle School (grades 6-8) about the profession of Athletic Training; President-elect Dillon Gorby and President Angel Nuñez talked to the sophomore class about KON; the CalU raffle ticket basket fundraiser was organized.
Things not completed within the year: The Suicide Walk was never rescheduled so members were unable to attend.

November 11, 2014: Had a balance update ($561.66) consisting of a: debit charge of $402.00 for 2013-2014 induction dues, $170.00 credit for the Kappa Omicron Nu Scholar Program award from dues, and a cash advance of $100.00 for the raffle basket fundraiser; Vice President Jeff Harman and Treasurer Tabitha Maurer talked about their presentation at Mountaineer Middle School, It was decided that the club was going to reimburse Jeff and Tabitha for toll money and gas; President Angel Nuñez talked about a practice GRE website that was recommended to her by her advisor; The fundraising CalU raffle basket was finalized and discussed, the basket includes: 2 Cal tee-shirts, 2 Cal coffee mugs, 1 Cal decal, 1 $25.00 iTunes gift card, 1 Cal lanyard/keychain (total cost = $80.66); the tickets were collected by December 3, 2014 and the winning ticket was drawn on December 4, 2014, the total amount made on the CalU raffle basket fundraiser was $268.34 ($329.00 income from ticket sales, $80.66 basket cost charged to account, and a $20.00 donation by Dr. Joni Roh); Seniors were advised to submit their senior research papers to Dr. Joni Roh, Dr. Carol Biddington, or Dr. Rebecca Hess as soon as possible to start the revision process, the first draft had a due date of November 27, 2014; Presenting our clinical cast studies in Florida was discussed and open to all juniors and seniors, all interested should have their clinical case submitted by February 1, 2015, your submission should be given to Dr. Joni Roh or Dr. Carol Biddington as soon as possible for collaboration, presentations can also be given at Cal U’s academic excellence day; A google account was discussed and created to upload the semester minutes, budgeting information, and the organization’s paperwork is all uploaded, The username is: the password is nuomicron; Dr. Joni Roh encouraged all members to create a LinkedIn account so we are active to collaborate with other professionals.
Things completed within the year: Vice President Jeff Harman and Treasurer Tabitha Maurer talked about their presentation at Mountaineer Middle School, reimbursement was given back to them for their travels, the fundraising CalU raffle basket was a success and we profited $268.34, Treasurer Tabitha Maurer, President Angel Nuñez, and Vice President Jeff Harman all submitted their first draft of their research for revisions, a google account was created and files were uploaded.
Things not completed within the year: No one submitted their clinical case presentations to travel to Florida to present.

February 12, 2015: Had an account balance of $531.13 resulting from: refunds to Jeffrey Harman ($23.30) and Tabitha Maurer ($7.42) from costs accrued on their trip to teach at the Mountaineer Middle School, credit of $19.34 deposited into the account from the leftover raffle basket cash advance, $20.00 donation for the raffle basket from Dr. Joni Roh, $329.00 income from the raffle basket fundraiser, $154.25 debit charge from the 2015 KON merchandise order, and a $213.90 debit charge from the three plaque awards presented at induction; The Cal U Women’s Basketball Team lost a team member in January, 2015; Several KON members collaborated with the Cal U AT Club and organized a memorial basketball game/ fundraiser to support Shanice Clark, over $3,500 was raised and donated to her family; The Special Olympics was held on February 8-10, 2015, President Angel Nuñez, Zach Hill, Kassie Fissore, and Alyssa Hoffee volunteered as well as alumni Aimee Thompson; Induction was scheduled for February 22, 2015 at 11:00 a.m., Kassie Fissore volunteered to make directional signs for guests, 13 members (Ashley Alexander, Megan Delgaudio, Tiffany Koening, Kristin Lyons, Megan Matthews, Samantha Miller, Brandon Olaya, Ashleigh Simoni, Jeffrey Timlin, Gina Vaira, Yoshiko Endo and Brian Zelanko) were inducted, refreshments of cookies and punch were provided through AVI food services, seniors received their cords and awards (Outstanding Leadership, Outstanding Community Service, Scholarship, Outstanding Service, Outstanding Research, and letters of appreciation to seniors) were presented at the ceremony; Aaron Horrell volunteered to be the photographer; Relay for Life will be held on April 25 at Phillipsburg Soccer Stadium at Cal U; the decision to hold additional meetings after induction was made so newly inducted members had a better understanding of the organization and the E-board positions/roles; Vice President Jeff Harman will start posting minutes to the alumni Facebook page so members can still be involved even after they leave Cal U.
Things completed within the year: The memorial basketball game was held and $3,500 was collected and donated to Shanice Clark’s family; We have four members President Angel Nuñez, Zach Hill, Kassie Fissore, and Alyssa Hoffee, and alumni Aimee Thompson volunteered for the Winter Games Special Olympics of Pennsylvania, Induction was discussed and organized; Vice President Jeff Harman posted information to the alumni Facebook page.
Things not completed within the year: All items were completed from this meeting.

February 22, 2015: Had an account balance of $531.13; Induction was held in the Old Main Chapel on Cal U’s campus on February 22, 2015 at 11:00 a.m., friends and family of the newly inducted members were invited to attend, the following members were inducted: Ashley Alexander, Megan Delgaudio, Tiffany Koening, Kristin Lyons, Megan Matthews, Samantha Miller, Brandon Olaya, Ashleigh Simoni, Jeffrey Timlin, Gina Vaira, Yoshiko Endo and Brian Zelanko; Dr. Carol Biddington was our guest speaker who spoke on leadership, research and community service and was given flowers as a token of our gratitude and appreciation for everything she has done for our organization; Plaques were presented to the following outstanding award winners: Award for Outstanding Community Service was given to Jeff Harmon, the award for Outstanding Research was given to Tabitha Maurer, the award for Outstanding Leadership/Service was given to Angel Nuñez; After induction rituals, Seniors were reminded to get their senior paper revisions in to their respected mentors in order to be considered for URJHS publication.
Things completed within the year: Induction was completed, awards were presented (Outstanding Community Service Award –Jeff Harman , Outstanding Research Award – Tabitha Maurer, Outstanding Leadership/Service Award –Angel Nuñez), and parents and students were reminded of the KON scholarship awards that are posted on the KON website. On February 12, 2015 a total of $213.90 was spent on plaque awards, On February 23, 2015 $693.00 was collected in Induction dues and on March 3, 2015 $638.00 was sent to Nationals, On February 23, 2015 $137.50 was spent on AVI punch/cookies and $24.68 was spent at Walmart for flowers and candles.
Things not completed within the year: All items from induction were completed.

March 19, 2015: Had an account balance of $423.95; The PATS River Run, held on 3/22/15 was discussed for juniors and seniors to participate; The PATS Student Symposium, held on 3/27-3/28 at Cal U Convocation Center, was discussed and offered for all students; Another High School visit in the AT department was discussed and will be held in April; Volunteers are needed for the Pittsburgh Marathon held on May 3, only seniors are eligible to volunteer; Relay for Life will be held on April 12 at Phillipsburg Soccer Stadium at Cal U, 2-hour volunteer slots are available but more hours of volunteering is encouraged; the need for fundraising was discussed for the spring semester; Nominations were scheduled and the positions available were discussed, nominations will take place at the next meeting and voting will occur directly after via Survey Monkey; Treasurer Tabitha Maurer’s research paper was accepted for publication to the URJHS; Students should continue to check OrgSync for GA positions and postings; Dr. Rebecca Hess will come on April 9, 2015 and talk to the organization about a research initiative program she is looking to implement for the Fall 2016 semester; The Presidential Scholars Honor Convocation will be held on April 11, 2015, all invited students are encouraged to attend.
Things completed within the year: President Angel Nuñez, President-elect Dillion Gorby, Zach Hill, and Ryan Tubbs all volunteered at the PATS River Run; President Angel Nuñez, Zach Hill, and Ryan Tubbs attended the PATS symposium; Relay for Life and the Pittsburgh Marathon are scheduled for later in the spring semester but will be completed; Nominations will occur on March 24, 2015
Things not completed within the year: All items from this meeting were completed.

March 24, 2015: During this very brief meeting, nominations occurred. Megan Matthews was nominated for President-elect, Kristin Lyons was nominated for Vice President/Media Specialist, Jana Barnhart was nominated for Secretary, and Samantha Miller was nominated for Treasurer; Due to the fact of only one person being nominated for one position, there was no need to hold elections; Therefore: Megan Matthews was elected President-elect, Kristin Lyons was elected for Vice President/Media Specialist, Jana Barnhart was elected for Secretary, and Samantha Miller was elected for Treasurer for the 2015-2016 school year; Seniors Vice President Jeff Harmon and President Angel Nuñez were reminded to submit their revisions to Dr. Carol Biddington, and Dr. Joni Roh, respectively.
Things completed within the year: Elections took place for the 2015-2016 school year: Megan Matthews was elected President Elect, Kristin Lyons was elected Vice President/Media Specialist; Jana Barnhart was elected Secretary, and Samantha Miller was elected Treasurer
Things not completed within the year: All items from this meeting were completed.

2. Campus or community projects, activities, or events:

Members this year have taken many actions to help the campus and community. Their projects, activities and events are listed and described below. Dr. Roh has led our chapter by example. She has participated in the following events. Over the past few months the following achievements have occurred throughout our chapter and have been recognized at the national level.
1) Students and Faculty worked together on Campus and in the Community to complete the following service events. Involvement in community service has drastically increased over the past few years in the Nu Omicron Chapter after asking each student to participate in more community service each year. Many students went above and beyond to provide community service in a variety of ways by participating in the Winter Games Special Olympics, organizing a memorial basketball game, volunteering at the PATS River Run, the Pittsburgh marathon, and the high school visits to our Cal U facilities.
2) Students continue to work with their faculty mentors to complete a literature review and submit to the URJHS.
Student Professional Presentations
1) On November 20, 2014 Tabitha, Jeffrey, and Dr. Joni Roh of KON at Cal U presented a segment on the profession of Athletic Training to a group of middle school students at Mountaineer Middle School, Morgantown, WV. They were a group of 6-8th graders in the TAG (talented and gifted program – enrichment). Tabitha and Jeffrey presented a PowerPoint depicting who an athletic trainer is, what their daily life entails, the academic course to obtain licensure, and professional settings found. They also held a Q&A session, and also did a hands-on taping demonstration.
2) On April 14, 2015 Dr. Roh and Tabitha Maurer served on the panel and gave oral presentations to the Cal U community on undergraduate research at the Strike a Spark conference at CalU. Dr. Roh and Tabitha Maurer served on the panel to present the College of Education and Human Services, and answered a series of prompts regarding the published research they worked on together (Panel: Student-Faculty Collaboration). Dr. Hess and Dr. Roh gave an oral presentation in the conference and Dr. Hess and Dr. Roh judged the undergraduate poster presentations at the conference.
Student Community Service Activities
• Armed Services – KON students helped to organize the Athletic Training Clubs “Stockings for the Troops” event. KON President Angel Nuñez organized the event, creating lists of items for students to purchase and donate to stuff stockings for deployed soldiers. Together both organizations were able to send stockings to deployed soldiers.
• Special Olympics – KON students and Faculty members took some time from their teaching and schoolwork to volunteer for the Special Olympics Pennsylvania. Students and Faculty worked as Athletic Trainers and EMTs to provide medical coverage at winter sporting events.
• Several KON members organized an ‘activity bags’ project. Items such as toys, coloring books, markers, etc. were placed into gift bags and given to children in the hospital around the holiday season.
• Memorial for Shanice Clark- Shanice Clark was on the Cal U Women’s Basketball team. She passed away unexpectedly in her sleep in January 2015. KON members and Athletic Training Students worked together to plan a fundraiser for the teams next home game. All profits went to Shanice Clark’s family for Funeral costs. The KON Members and the Athletic Training Club were able to raise over $3,000.00 for funeral costs. The athletic department has asked that this number does not go public.
Campus Service Activities
• Relay for Life – along with members of the Athletic Training Club, KON members participated in the California University Athletic Training Relay for life team. Prior to registration, KON was able to raise $90.00. All of our on site registration and bake sale profit was added to our initial funds, which helped Relay for Life reach their overall goal of $10,000.

3. Tentative plans for next year

The Nu Omicron Chapter of Kappa Omicron Nu will be having a few new addictions and activities in the next year. To encourage a greater number of members involved throughout the school year, the members decided that providing information to freshmen in the health sciences might help to increase interest in membership. This year presentations were made in Anatomy and Physiology II Lecture as well as Introduction to Athletic Training in order to provide and hand out informational pamphlets. Also, we have expanded our membership to Athletic Training, Physical Therapist Assistants, Health Wellness and Fitness and Gerontology majors, but reach out to the Nursing and Social Work majors, as well. This year’s induction class was larger than that of recent years and to help keep the number high. Our chapter plans to attend the graduate athletic training education program class in August to present the values of KON to encourage graduate student membership. Students who are interested will be provided with an application that will be sent to and reviewed by the E-board. If they have met the chapter’s requirements, which will be verified by the faculty in the graduate Athletic Training program, and will be invited to attend the monthly meetings. Our chapter will continue to inform and encourage undergraduate and graduate membership in the Athletic Training, Gerontology, and Physical Therapist Assistant programs.
To continue scholarship and research involvement with our members, each senior will be encouraged to work closely with the URC representative, Dr. Hess, and any other faculty willing to assist, to write and submit their research to the KON undergraduate journal (URJHS) for review. Any student, graduate or undergraduate, will be encouraged to present their research at the Cal U Academic Excellence Days (AED) and will work closely with Dr. Carol Biddington. The Nu Omicron Chapter would also like to encourage its current members to apply for KON scholarships, fellowships and grants.
Specific to community service, the chapter plans to continue the presentation to the middle school students in Mountaineer Middle School, Morgantown, WV. The Nu Omicron Chapter will participate with the Stockings for Troops, Relay for Life, and The Big Event. We will be looking for another candidate to attend ScholarCon in July of 2016 as the position was unable to be filled this year.
We will be holding a fundraiser at the beginning of the fall semester in order to support our efforts in serving our community, promoting our organization., and helping with financial support to send a student to ScholarCon/Conclave 2016.

Student Organization Effectiveness Rubric

Chapter Effectiveness Benchmarks
Registration with appropriate institutional office: 4
Participation in institutional training for student groups: 4
Procedures for election of officers: 4
Officer training plan: 5
Structure for selection and initiation of members: 5
Structure for member input into setting goals for chapter activities: 4
Process for planning annual activities to respond to goals: 4
Participation in national conference: 3

Learning Benchmarks
Co-curricular activities that enhance academic goals: 5
Activities respond to shared goals: 4
Participation in National Required Program initiative: 4
Effective leadership: 4
Social Responsibility: 4
Sense of Civic Responsibility: 4

Faculty Support Benchmarks
Value for student organizations: 4
Professional/technical support to student organizations : 5
Faculty Participation in chapter activities : 5

Evaluation Benchmarks
Yearly evaluation of chapter activities: 4
Yearly evaluation of programming: 4

Intrapersonal Benchmarks
Realistic self-appraisal, self-understanding, and self-respect: 4
Commitment to ethics and integrity : 4

Interpersonal Benchmarks
Meaningful Relationships: 5
Collaboration: 5