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California University of PA visits The Today Show for NAT Month

(This article by Nu Omicron member Angelica Nunez appears in Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Society Quarterly Newsletter at

On February 27, 2014, I joined 15 other members from California University’s Athletic Training Club as well as two of our professors, Dr. Michael Meyer and Professor Samuel Cervantes, to travel to New York to celebrate National Athletic Training Month. My fellow students and I could not have been more excited for this adventure. We departed from California University the night of the February 27th and arrived in East Stroudsburg at approximately 10:30 PM. We checked into a hotel to try to get some sleep before our big morning. I can easily say my excitement and nerves kept me from getting a good night’s sleep before my alarm clock rang at 3 AM. We all gathered our bags, and quickly got into the bus to join two other universities to make the bus ride to New York City.

The bus pulled in to New York City a little after 6 am, where 50 plus Athletic Training Students as well as athletic trainers poured out of the bus full of energy and excitement, ready to share our passion for our field. We walked several blocks in the freezing weather with our signs to the Rockefeller Plaza, and waited for the Today show to begin at 9am. As we waited with joy and anticipation, we watched athletic training students as well as professionals trickle into the plaza with smiles and sincerity veering from their faces despite the brutal weather. Before I knew it, I was one of a couple hundred athletic trainers standing in the freezing weather to share our dedication and love for the profession. The Today Show crew was in disbelief when they saw the unity and commitment we shared to support and promote our profession.

The crew made its way around the crowd to interview students from several different Universities whom had traveled from all over to join the National Athletic Training Month kick off. The students took turns finding shelter from the harsh weather in Bouchon bakery to stay warm. On my break at the café, I met an Alumnus from California University of Pennsylvania. She is currently living in New Jersey, but felt compelled to join us and share her passion for athletic training as well. This reemphasized that we may not have the largest profession, or most well known, but we do have the most passion and love for our profession.

I feel that the passion I share with my fellow athletic trainers is not your typical passion. Not many professionals and students would take the time out of their day to travel to New York City to present and promote their profession. This was an amazing experience I was able to enjoy with my closest friends and colleagues. We not only had the chance to network with other professionals and universities, but we had a chance to educate the public on who we are and what we do. I wouldn’t trade the opportunity, as a result of how much knowledge and information I obtained through networking. This endeavor without a doubt has better prepared me to be successful in my future career.