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NOTE: Since Fall 2017, submitted reports no longer appear on this site. Reports are available to advisers through the adviser portal, or at the link supplied by national office. Members, to view your chapters reports please speak to your chapter adviser or chapter officers.
Chapter Report for 2012-13

Members this year have taken many actions to help the campus and community. Their projects, activities and events are listed and described below.  Dr. Roh has led our chapter by example. She has participated in the following events. Over the past few months the following achievements have occurred throughout our chapter and have been recognized at the national level. 

1) Our chapter, Nu Omicron, at Cal U was recently recognized as the Featured Chapter.  KON recognizes one of its chapters and is featured on the website for everyone to see.  There is an article that is attached that informs the public of all the great things chapters across the country are doing.  We were asked to write up a summary of what Cal U chapter is doing in the public that empowers leadership, research, scholarship, and service.  Click the link and read all about it.  If you watch the pictures closely you will see the Cal U pendant from the chapters that attended the Conclave in the spring among other participating schools).

2) KON also recognizes members on their spotlight, and one of our senior students in the Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP), Nicole (Nikki) Gaton, is also highlighted as the Member Spotlight.  There is a picture included, so when you see her in the halls you may recognize her, and please congratulate her).

3) We have 1 other graduating senior in the ATEP, Aimee Thompson (mentored by *Dr. Carol Biddington and Dr. Joni Roh), and 1 graduate student in the online ESHP-Rehabilitation program, Kaitlyn Sippel (mentored by Dr. Joni Roh).  Kaitlyn graduated from the UG ATEP spring 2012.  Just recently, Kirstie Pistner submitted her paper for the URJHS.  All have their papers published in the Online Undergraduate Research Journal of Human Sciences (URJHS) Volume 12.  With these 3 new additions this will bring a total of 14 undergraduate students from Nu Omicron at Cal U who have had published research papers in the URJHS since 2006.  You can find the undergraduate research papers at the following link:

Title of Aimee Thompson's paper: Athletes and Pulmonary Embolism

Title of Kaitlyn Sippel's paper: Prevention and Treatment of Pediatric Adolescent Overuse Injuries

Title of Kirstie Pistner's paper: Treatment of Exercise-Induced Rhabdomyolysis

4) Nu Omicron, Cal U chapter, received a Chapter of Excellence for the 2011-2012 academic year and was presented the plaque at the Conclave (national meeting) in East Lansing, Michigan, by the KON National President.  Kaitlyn Sippel, ATC, former President of Nu Omicron, accepted the award.  It is currently hanging in the Athletic Training Room in Hamer Hall.  This award is presented to 3 active chapters (96 active chapters in the country with over 146,00 active members).

5) Kaitlyn Sippel, ATC (mentored by Dr. Roh) presented her paper on Prevention and Treatment of Pediatric and Adolescent Overuse Injuries at the Kappa Omicron Nu Leadership Conclave and Undergraduate Research Conference (national meeting) in East Lansing, Michigan, and received an award for her presentation (over $425 toward registration, travel, and honorarium).

6) Members from Nu Omicron (Mary Popovich, Aimee Thompson, Lori Rippole, and Dr. Joni Roh) presented the Rock Your Tastebuds educational program to all 5th grade students at Cheat Lake Elementary School science and health students as a national initiative to educate kids about proper nutrition on January 14, 2013.  The program was very well liked and additional sessions will carry on by their classroom teachers.  Nu Omicron received a grant that provided the DVD and $50 toward the materials (varieties of sweet peppers, hummus, ranch dip, other utensils, etc.).  Nu Omicron donated the remaining $50 to cover all expenses so that all students in the 5th grade could have the same learning experience.

7) Members from Nu Omicron presented the Jump with Jill nutrition education program to the Monongalia County School Assistant Superintendent.  The program proposal was accepted and 2 schools (Cheat Lake Elementary and Skyview Elementary) serving over 1200 students were presented the program on February 12, 2013.  The total cost for the two schools was $2500 (this covered 3 shows).  Nu Omicron donated $100 toward the cost of the program, CLES donated $1000, Skyview donated $500, and the Monongalia County Board of Education donated $1000. Both the Rock Your Tastebuds and the Jump with Jill programs were part of the national awareness initiative for childhood obesity.  Dr. Roh organized these events.

8) KON members assisted the West Newton Lion's Club and Library with their annual fundraisers. On April 13, 2013 the West Newton Lions Club held their annual Bowl 'n Roll Soup and Salad fundraiser in partnership with the West Newton Public Library at the Lion's Club field house.  This event offered an avenue for both groups to fundraise on a joint venture.  The friends of the library gathered up gently used jewelry and books and sold them at bargain prices.   The event was a success for both organizations and was well attended.   The members of the West Newton Lions Club extended certificates of appreciation to California University Students of Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society.  The founder and Director of the California University chapter, Dr. Joni Roh, approved the project along with the officers of this honor society organization.  This is the second year California University Students have extended a helping hand to this service organization, which was greatly appreciated by Lion Club members.   Mary Popovich serves as the West Newton Lion's Club President, as well as a professional member of Kappa Omicron Nu and faculty at the university. 

Students and Faculty worked together on Campus and in the Community to complete the following service events. Involvement in community service has drastically increased over the past few years in the Nu Omicron Chapter after asking each student to participate in more community service each year.  Many students went above and beyond to provide community service in a variety of ways. 

Student Professional Presentations

  • Jamaica Distance Education – With the assistance of Assistant Advisor Dr. Carol Biddington students presented presentations on hydration, contractures, active and passive movements, stretching, first aid and massage to the Jamaica Distance Education Program. This is the third year the students have presented for this program. This program educates caregivers in Jamaica to help them better take care of needy children in their area.
  • Childhood Obesity Pamphlet – Students worked to improve the Childhood Obesity pamphlet they began during the 2010 – 2011 year. These pamphlets were given to the campus daycare center. President-Elect Rebecca Barnhart also presented the pamphlets to a day care and school to educate parents about childhood obesity.

Student Community Service Activities

  • Salvation Army –KON members attended gift-wrapping. Students helped to organize and wrap gift donations at the Salvation Army in Monessen. 
  • Lions Club – Professor Mary Popovich organized the "Bowl and Roll" fundraiser in West Newton Pa. This event helped to raise money for the Lions Club so that they can continue to serve the community and fulfill their mission. Professor Popovich asked KON students to help serve the food after she prepared it. The Nu Omicron chapter plans to continue their help to the Lions Club in the future.
  • Armed Services – KON students helped to organize the Athletic Training Clubs "Stockings for the Troops" event. KON members Kirstie Pistner, Nikki Gaton and Aimee Thompson organized the event, creating lists of items for students to purchase and donate to stuff stockings for deployed soldiers.  Together both organizations were able to send out over 30 stockings to deployed soldiers.
  • Special Olympics – KON students and Faculty members took some time from their teaching and schoolwork to volunteer for the Special Olympics Pennsylvania. Students and Faculty worked as Athletic Trainers and EMTs to provide three days of medical coverage at winter sporting events. 

Campus Service Activities

  • Relay for Life – along with members of the Athletic Training Club KON members participated in the California University Athletic Training Relay for life team.
  • The Big Event – KON members participated in the campus sponsored "Big Event" where students give back to the community by serving members of the borough who have asked for help. Students have participated in this event in the past. Work sites included painting over graffiti on a bridge, gardening for the elderly, cleaning up outdoor furniture and house cleaning.