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NOTE: Since Fall 2017, submitted reports no longer appear on this site. Reports are available to advisers through the adviser portal, or at the link supplied by national office. Members, to view your chapters reports please speak to your chapter adviser or chapter officers.
Annual report 2012-13

Nu Omega has completed the annual chapter report for 2012-13. Chapter Report B outlines chapters activities completed during the academic year.

This chapter report outlines chapter activity for the year 2012-13

Name of Human Sciences Unit:

Nutrition and Dietetics

Name of Administrator:

Jaleh Dehpahlvan

Chapter Vice President:

Juliana Nagy

Name of Adviser:

Beverley Demetrius

Number of Kappa Omicron Nu student members at end of academic year: 24, including 15 initiate members.

Nu Omega held 8 meetings this year.

1. Meetings for the year, identifying Required Program:

7/25/12- bake sale, frozen treat fundraiser, 9/5/12- allocations for elementary presentation, founders night ceremony, dues are due, other fundraising ideas, 10/15/12- final planning meeting for founders night ceremony, 12/6/12- elected new secretary, editor and treasurer, talked about elementary presentation and attending the Hunger Walk, 1/15/13- need shirts for new members, set up bake sale, hunger walk, elementary presentation, *3/1/13*- 2nd Elementary Presentation was given to the first graders of Sedalia Park. 3/7/13- articles due, health fair, initiation next quarter, 4/10/13- confirm initiation ceremony date, discuss food, bake sale date, 5/14/13- final planning meeting for initiation luncheon

2. Campus or community projects, activities, or events:

This past year Nu Omega collaboratively put on a March nutrition month health fair where free homemade nutritious snacks were provided to passer-bys and a mini anthropocentric assessment was offered along with a nutrition fun quiz. We were also involved in every Club Day (at the beginning of each quarter) where we made ourselves known on campus and let any interested sign-up to receive our Nu's Letter. We attended every Undergraduate Open House as well, to give advice and guidance to prospective students. Nu Omega held semi-healthy bake sales nearly every quarter where gluten-free and vegan items were available along with treats made with veggies and fresh fruit. We also did a frozen treat fundraiser made with all homemade organic ingredients. Nu Omega also participated in the Hunger Walk 2013. Both of our initiation ceremonies (in the Fall and Spring) were well attended by members (past and present) and faculty. We had the honor of having the Vice President of Academic Affairs speak at both of our ceremonies as the honored guest.

3. Tentative plans for next year

Our tentative plans for next year is to continue our Elementary Healthy Living Presentations to first graders. We plan to reach out to more schools and do it more frequently as long as our funds are sufficient. We will continue to administer our mentoring program and our scholarly Nu's Letter. We plan to be more involved in community service activities on campus such as clean-up and orientation assistance. We also will have an opportunity to work with an underprivileged group of runners and give them nutritional presentations and guidance.

Student Organization Effectiveness Rubric

Chapter Effectiveness Benchmarks

Participation in institutional training for student groups: 4
Registration with appropriate institutional office: 4
Procedures for election of officers: 5
Officer training plan: 5
Structure for selection and initiation of members: 5
Structure for member input into setting goals for chapter activities: 5
Process for planning annual activities to respond to goals: 4
Participation in national conference: 1

Learning Benchmarks
Co-curricular activities that enhance academic goals: 5
Activities respond to shared goals: 5
Participation in National Required Program initiative: 5
Effective leadership: 5
Social Responsibility: 4
Sense of Civic Responsibility: 4

Evaluation Benchmarks
Yearly evaluation of chapter activities: 3
Yearly evaluation of programming: 3