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NOTE: Since Fall 2017, submitted reports no longer appear on this site. Reports are available to advisers through the adviser portal, or at the link supplied by national office. Members, to view your chapters reports please speak to your chapter adviser or chapter officers.
Annual Report 2015-16

Nu Alpha has completed the annual chapter report for 2015-16. Chapter Report B outlines chapters activities completed during the academic year.

This chapter report outlines chapter activity for the year 2015-16

Name of Human Sciences Unit:

Child and Family Studies

Name of Administrator:

DeAnn Ryan

Chapter Vice President:

Tiffany Hurt

Name of Adviser:

Dr. Katrina RiversThompson

Number of Kappa Omicron Nu student members at end of academic year: 20, including 9 initiate members.

Nu Alpha held 5 meetings this year.

1. Meetings for the year, identifying Required Program:

All meetings are held at the Harrison McClain Home Management House.

September 10, 2015
This was the first meeting of the school year. We gave an overview of KON and explained the principles of scholarship, leadership, and service. The rest of the meeting was discussing how our chapter was going to carry out these three pillars. We planned the first Dinner and Career event, talked about volunteer opportunities for the year, and brainstormed ideas how to create community amongst members.

October 8, 2015
This meeting was held to debrief our first Dinner and Career event of the semester. We discussed the things that went well and any minor improvements we can make for the following events such as improving advertising across campus to reach more students. We then planned our next Dinner and Career event, and discussed the possibility of having initiation of new members during the Fall semester.

February 2, 2016
This was the first meeting of the spring semester. We talked about implementing a new event for this semester. The idea was for a skill swap in which members would teach various skills such as sewing, cooking, knitting, etc. We also discussed community service opportunities and working with other groups on campus that already have an event established. Other information talked about was choosing a date for initiation of new members, as well as planning our first Dinner and Career event for the spring semester.

April 12, 2016
This meeting was held after the initiation of our new members. We reviewed the three pillars of KON and talked about our final event for the year, the last Dinner and Career event. We also discussed the roles of different officers and informed the returning members to nominate one another for officer positions for the 2016-2017 school year.

April 26, 2016
After our last event of the semester, we held the last meeting of the semester to hold nominations and cast votes for new members and made some final remarks of our year.

2. Campus or community projects, activities, or events:

Throughout the 2015-16 academic year, Berea College Nu Alpha chapter has worked diligently to further the mission of Kappa Omicron Nu by shedding positive light on the national initiatives of focus on leadership and social responsibility. In total, Nu Alpha planned, organized, and successfully implemented four professional lectures titled, Dinner and a Career, for Child and Family Studies majors and other students, faculty, and staff who are interested in the vast career and graduate school opportunities found within academic realm of the Human Sciences.

Not only do these programs allow the Berea College campus community and chapter members to understand the role Human Science professionals have in the lives of families and individuals around the country, KON members have the opportunity to practice and develop leadership skills necessary for succeeding in their future professional and academic careers beyond Berea College through strategic planning. In additional to finding speakers, at each program KON members must practice pertinent skills essential to Child and Family Studies, such as meal management and budgeting for a large group of people. At each program we usually service around 20 to 25 individuals.

These events were held at the end of the Fall and Spring semester in order to foster community between the Nu Alpha chapter members and with all students of the Child and Family Studies department. Providing a stronger community between KON members and CFS students encourages participation of members for Dinner and A Career events and encourages CFS students to attend the dinners and learn more about a wide range of professions within their field.

October 1, 2015- Panel of students who participated in the Shepherd Poverty Alliance Internship Program
Our chapter decided to implement a new twist on our dinner and career series. We decided to host a panel of students who participated in the Shepherd Poverty Alliance Internship Program. The Shepherd program places students with institutions across the country that work with under-resourced members of society. Students shared their first-hand experiences with different focuses such as healthcare, legal services, and education as well as offering advice for future students interested in participating in an internship experience.

November 5, 2015- Panel of students and a CFS faculty member who participated in study abroad experience
Since our first event proved to be very successful, we decided to continue with another student panel for our second Dinner and Career event of the year. We invited several students within the CFS department to share their experiences traveling in various countries across the world such as China, Denmark, and Brazil. They explained their studies, offered advice, and answered questions to encourage other students to study abroad. We also had the pleasure to hear from Dr. Neil Mecham, a CFS faculty who has taken students abroad to China and Denmark. Overall, it was a wonderful experience to hear insights from both students and faculty.

March 22, 2016- Mrs. Lisa Roush
During the spring semester, we decided to continue our traditional Dinner and Career series by inviting a professional from the community to come speak to our chapter and other students and faculty across campus. We had the pleasure of listening to Mrs. Lisa Roush discuss her involvement in the Berea Classical Conversations community—a homeschooling program. Mrs. Roush shared with our chapter how being a part of a homeschooling community can prove to be a great alternative which provides support and encouragement to each member of homeschooling families.

April 26, 2016- Mr. Zac Wray
Our final speaker which concluded our Dinner and Career series of the year was Mr. Zak Wray who is one of the directors of the Family Resource and Youth Service Center (FRYSC) at two different middle schools in Madison County, KY. He shared with us the roles that theses resource centers play within the school system. These services range from providing basic needs to providing referrals to health and social services. Overall, Mr. Wray showed how interconnected organizations are throughout the community, which was a great way to end our series for the year.

Lastly, Berea College Nu Alpha chapter was also presented the opportunity to assist in the recruitment of two new faculty within the Child and Family Studies department. Members were selected by the faculty and 3-5 students ate lunch with six prospective faculty members as part of their on campus interview. During lunch, members asked and answered questions to the prospective faculty member. Upon completion of lunch, members filled out several questions which were taken into consideration by the search committee.

3. Tentative plans for next year

For next year, Nu Alpha will continue to implement successful programming with a positive attitude and hard work. Our “Dinner and a Career” programs, six years in the running, have become quite popular here at Berea College. We, of course, will continue to host these each month with each program having a special emphasis on one of the three concentrations offered through the Child Family Studies program, including (a) child development,(b) nutrition and food studies, and (c) family studies. Members of Nu Alpha have attempted to create this as a regular event that happens on Berea’s campus, and while it was difficult to schedule this past year because of conflicting events, it is the hope of the new officers that this will remain a viable event at Berea.

Finally, we also hope that Nu Alpha will find more ways to give back to their college and city-wide communities. There are several opportunities, from providing childcare to volunteering at family friendly events, that KON members could be a part of with little effort in organization. It is our hope that the new officers for the 2016-2017 school year will find ways to partner with other organizations in the community to provide assistance.

Student Organization Effectiveness Rubric

Chapter Effectiveness Benchmarks
Registration with appropriate institutional office: 4
Participation in institutional training for student groups: 3
Procedures for election of officers: 4
Officer training plan: 3
Structure for selection and initiation of members: 5
Structure for member input into setting goals for chapter activities: 5
Process for planning annual activities to respond to goals: 5
Participation in national conference: 0

Learning Benchmarks
Co-curricular activities that enhance academic goals: 4
Activities respond to shared goals: 5
Participation in National Required Program initiative: 3
Effective leadership: 5
Social Responsibility: 3
Sense of Civic Responsibility: 3

Faculty Support Benchmarks
Value for student organizations: 5
Professional/technical support to student organizations : 3
Faculty Participation in chapter activities : 5

Evaluation Benchmarks
Yearly evaluation of chapter activities: 5
Yearly evaluation of programming: 4

Intrapersonal Benchmarks
Realistic self-appraisal, self-understanding, and self-respect: 5
Commitment to ethics and integrity : 5

Interpersonal Benchmarks
Meaningful Relationships: 5
Collaboration: 5