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NOTE: Since Fall 2017, submitted reports no longer appear on this site. Reports are available to advisers through the adviser portal, or at the link supplied by national office. Members, to view your chapters reports please speak to your chapter adviser or chapter officers.
Chapter Report for 2015-16

Kappa Beta Theta has completed the annual chapter report for 2015-16. Chapter Report B outlines chapters activities completed during the academic year.

This chapter report outlines chapter activity for the year 2015-16

Name of Human Sciences Unit:

Name of Administrator:

Chapter Vice President:

Tytiana Wilson

Name of Adviser:

Amy Shows

Number of Kappa Omicron Nu student members at end of academic year: 40, including 18 initiate members.

Kappa Beta Theta held 48 meetings this year.

1. Meetings for the year, identifying Required Program:

We had two meetings this year. Since I was elected President half way through the year, our first meeting (02/29/2016) consisted of me introducing myself and potential volunteering events we had coming up and throughout the semester. Our second meeting (03/20/2016) we spoke about new member initiation that was coming up, along with other volunteering opportunities , tabling events in the summer to raise publicity, and potential fundraiser ideas.

2. Campus or community projects, activities, or events:

We did many small community service projects though out the semester, such as:
-Family Box day. where we prepped 1000 boxes of food to go out to the community
-Some Other Place, which is a soup kitchen here in Beaumont
- Coast Wide Beach Clean Up
- Volunteering at our local Lamar University Community Garden

3. Tentative plans for next year

This year didn't go as well because many of our officers didn't know what their positions entailed. For the coming year, I'll be holding officer training that will specify what is expected of the officers in their position, and will require them to go to our on-campus training events.
Our goal this year is to have a large community service project, and our (smaller) goals is to expand in our volunteering areas.

Student Organization Effectiveness Rubric

Chapter Effectiveness Benchmarks
Registration with appropriate institutional office: 4
Participation in institutional training for student groups: 2
Procedures for election of officers: 4
Officer training plan: 2
Structure for selection and initiation of members: 4
Structure for member input into setting goals for chapter activities: 4
Process for planning annual activities to respond to goals: 2
Participation in national conference: 0

Learning Benchmarks
Co-curricular activities that enhance academic goals: 3
Activities respond to shared goals: 4
Participation in National Required Program initiative: 1
Effective leadership: 2
Social Responsibility: 3
Sense of Civic Responsibility: 3

Faculty Support Benchmarks
Value for student organizations: 3
Professional/technical support to student organizations : 3
Faculty Participation in chapter activities : 3

Evaluation Benchmarks
Yearly evaluation of chapter activities: 2
Yearly evaluation of programming: 2

Intrapersonal Benchmarks
Realistic self-appraisal, self-understanding, and self-respect: 4
Commitment to ethics and integrity : 5

Interpersonal Benchmarks
Meaningful Relationships: 4
Collaboration: 4