School Bullying Service-Learning Project Grant Program

One or more grants will be awarded annually that meet the criteria of the Kappa Omicron Nu Centennial Undergraduate Research/Project Grant agenda.

School Bullying Service-Learning Grant—Two $500 grants awarded annually.

Policies and Procedures:

The purpose of the Kappa Omicron Nu Centennial Undergraduate Research/Project Grant Program is to support the research agenda of the Kappa Omicron Nu Bullying Initiative: (a) assess the impacts of bullying in the school setting; (b) evaluate action taken by individuals, families, schools, and communities that contributes to and/or ameliorates school bullying; (c) consider the place of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and gender in relation to school bullying; and (d) examine action taken by families and schools that prevents cyberbullying. Other topics related to school bullying will be considered.

  • Grants may be made to Kappa Omicron Nu chapters or project teams (providing the team leader is a current Kappa Omicron Nu member).
  • Proposals shall be judged by the criteria listed in the Proposal Format.
  • Any project approved for funding by Kappa Omicron Nu shall be appropriately identified by using the prescribed format: “Supported in whole or in part by Kappa Omicron Nu.”
  • Applications will be accepted at any time, and response can be expected in two weeks.
  • One-half of the project grant will be awarded as soon as the proposal is accepted.
  • A technical report shall be submitted to Kappa Omicron Nu upon completion of the project, at which time the balance of the grant will be awarded.
  • Only complete applications that meet the format guidelines (below) will be evaluated.
  • Grants will be made at the discretion of the Awards Committee.

Proposal Format:

The project grant proposal shall include the following:

  • Chapter name, institution, names of Kappa Omicron Nu chapter adviser and project team, and email address of adviser and team leader
  • Description of the project
    • Purpose and measurable outcomes
    • Projected impact on targeted population
    • Projected impact on project team
    • Evaluation plan to measure outcomes
    • Timeline
    • Use of requested funds
  • Supplementary materials—Information to add insight into the project. Sponsoring statement from the chapter adviser who is supervising the project


The application form and all supporting documents shall be electronically submitted to with the subject line: School Bullying Service-Learning Project Grant Program.