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This Website provides background information and resources for Kappa Omicron Nu chapter service-learning programs related to the problem of bullying as it exists in schools throughout the United States. Other student and community groups are invited to use this resource.

The objective of this Kappa Omicron Nu Bullying Initiative is to create conditions that make it possible for all individuals to get along and function better in or out of the school setting. (Read more)

Kappa Omicron Nu launched the Bullying – Service-Learning Initiative in August 2012 as part of its Social Responsibility theme. Because society is transformed most productively from the bottom up in the spheres of environmental, social, and economic change, Kappa Omicron Nu chapters and other student and community groups have an opportunity to make an impact in the larger community.

As a form of experiential education, service-learning offers students an opportunity for learning and development as they engage in activities that address human and community needs. Co-curricular education, in this manner, can lead to direct and indirect contributions to communities at the same time as students deepen their understanding of their own field of study.

Service-Learning as a Program Initiative of Kappa Omicron Nu

The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (2012) holds that

Service-learning enables colleges and universities to meet their goals for student learning and development while making unique contributions to addressing community, national, and global needs. Both college students and the communities they serve stand to reap substantial benefits from engaging in service-learning. Among frequently cited benefits to student participants are developing the habit of critical reflection; deepening comprehension of course content; integrating theory with practice; increasing understanding of the issues underlying social problems; strengthening sense of social responsibility; enhancing cognitive, personal, and spiritual development; heightening understanding of human difference and commonality; and sharpening abilities to solve problems creatively and to work collaboratively.

Community benefits include new energy and assistance to broaden delivery of existing services or to begin new ones, fresh approaches to solving problems, access to resources, and opportunities to participate in teaching and learning. Through improved town-gown relationships, colleges and universities also gain additional new learning settings for students and new opportunities for faculty to orient research and teaching to meet human and community needs. (p. 414)

Thus Kappa Omicron Nu can serve student learning and development and respond to social responsibility from personal and organizational perspectives. College honor societies have a responsibility to foster a spirit of liberal education, stimulate and encourage intellectual development, stand for freedom of mind and spirit and for democracy of learning, provide spiritual and intellectual leadership, preserve valuable traditions and customs, provide opportunities for members to associate in mutual understanding for the purpose of advancing society in the art of democratic living, and stimulate worthy attitudes for the improvement of the general welfare of the institution. Service-learning is therefore a dynamic approach for achieving the functions of an honor society.

Call for Undergraduate Research Papers – Topic: School Bullying

Undergraduate students are eligible to submit papers on the theme of School Bullying for publication in the Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences. Papers submitted for consideration may describe student projects from research awards, seminars, independent studies, service-learning projects, or class projects in the student's major. Read more...

Call for Proposals - Kappa Omicron Nu Grants

Kappa Omicron Nu members and chapters are eligible for the following: School Bullying Service-Learning Project Grant and School Bullying Research Grant.


Council for Advancement of Standards in Higher Education. (2012). CAS professional standards for higher education (8th edition). Washington, DC: Author.


Kappa Omicron Nu recognizes the authors and designers of the Bullying Initiative Website:
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About Kappa Omicron Nu

The mission of Kappa Omicron Nu is empowered leaders through scholarship, research, and leadership. This mission will enable the organization and chapters to prepare scholars and researchers for the 21st century.

Kappa Omicron Nu provides not only recognition and honor but also lifelong opportunities for networking, personal growth, and professional growth through education and service. Membership identifies each person throughout life as one who has a distinguished academic record and potential as a professional. Employers recognize the Kappa Omicron Nu key as a mark of excellence and will look to members for leadership. 

Members participate in local and national activities to enhance their leadership and management skills. Chapter activities are designed to integrate co-curricular and academic goals through collaboration with faculty and campus/community organizations. Kappa Omicron Nu provides on-line information and education to enhance career planning and professional development.