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As of Fall 2017, this site will no longer be updated with new chapter reports, and we are looking at new ways to display them. Chapter Reports from every chapter are still required by the national office, and are now available through the adviser portal at https://kon.org/advisers.

A pictureKON chapter officers maintain the chapter sites listed. Contact your chapter adviser to add or update information on your chapter pages, and feel free to suggest additional content pages or useful facilities. With the permission of your adviser, your chapter pages may include any information relevant to Kappa Omicron Nu or closely related information, events, news, and images.

Looking for a chapter not in the menu? See the full list here.

Kappa Omicron Nu Scholarships and Grants

KON awards a number of significant grants to student members and chapters each year. Each student grant is awarded on a competitive basis to an active Kappa Omicron Nu member who has demonstrated scholarship, research, and leadership potential. Awards are made for study and research in human sciences or one of its specializations at colleges or universities with strong research programs and supporting disciplines for the chosen major or topic. Scholar Program Grants for chapters are awarded to eligible chapters based on the prior year's total initiates.

For detailed information on the scholarships, fellowships, and grants available, and how to apply, click here.

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