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2014-15 Annual Report Print E-mail

Omicron Alpha Beta has completed the annual chapter report for 2014-15. Chapter Report B outlines chapters activities completed during the academic year.

This chapter report outlines chapter activity for the year 2014-15

Name of Human Sciences Unit:

School of Food and Agriculture

Name of Administrator:

Susan Erich

Chapter Vice President:

Grace Violette

Name of Adviser:

Adrienne White

Number of Kappa Omicron Nu student members at end of academic year: 63, including 27 initiate members.

Omicron Alpha Beta held 6 meetings this year.

1. Meetings for the year, identifying Required Program:

September 18, 2014 - Alex Bacjz: The Study of Fruits
October 23, 2014 - Mona Therrien: The Path of Maine DPD Director
November 20, 2014 - Dr. Gary Schilmoeller: Balance, Flexibility, and Sustainability (Ethics)*
February 19, 2015 - Kate Yerxa: Working with Low-Income Families - What You Need to Know
March 19, 2015 - Dr. Eric Gallandt: Research
April 16, 2015 - Carolyn Stocker - The University of Maine Food and Fitness: Is It Health Promoting?*

2. Campus or community projects, activities, or events:

Food pantry non-perishible item collection

3. Tentative plans for next year

Program Plan:
September - Audrey Cross: Sustainability
October - Kate Yerxa: Community Dietetics
November - Sandy Caron: Ethics*
February - Abbey McCarthy: Cultural Diversity
March - Dr. Susan Sullivan: Counseling Skills
April - Amber Murray: Student Research

Student Organization Effectiveness Rubric

Chapter Effectiveness Benchmarks
Registration with appropriate institutional office: 3
Participation in institutional training for student groups: 1
Procedures for election of officers: 3
Officer training plan: 3
Structure for selection and initiation of members: 3
Structure for member input into setting goals for chapter activities: 5
Process for planning annual activities to respond to goals: 5
Participation in national conference: 1

Learning Benchmarks
Co-curricular activities that enhance academic goals: 3
Activities respond to shared goals: 5
Participation in National Required Program initiative: 5
Effective leadership: 5
Social Responsibility: 3
Sense of Civic Responsibility: 3

Faculty Support Benchmarks
Value for student organizations: 3
Professional/technical support to student organizations : 5
Faculty Participation in chapter activities : 5

Evaluation Benchmarks
Yearly evaluation of chapter activities: 5
Yearly evaluation of programming: 5

Intrapersonal Benchmarks
Realistic self-appraisal, self-understanding, and self-respect: 3
Commitment to ethics and integrity : 3

Interpersonal Benchmarks
Meaningful Relationships: 5
Collaboration: 5


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