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Contextualize the Issue:

  • Following an examination of basic information related to school bullying, learn all you can about school bullying in a particular context of interest to your chapter.  You could begin in the community where your chapter is located:
    • What do you know about bullying and/or hazing in your community’s schools? 
      • What policies do your community’s schools have in place related to bullying and hazing?
      • What anti-bullying activities do your community’s schools engage in?
      • What research, if any, has your local school district conducted related to bullying?
        • What process does your local school district use to initiate research related to bullying?
        • Is your local school district interested in conducting new research related to bullying?
      • Is one or more of your community’s schools interested in surveying students regarding the prevalence of and/or students’ attitudes toward bullying? 
    • What information is available about bullying in your state? 
      • What bullying research has been done at the state level?
      • What bullying laws have been passed in your state?  How effective is this legislation?
      • What resources does your state’s office of education have available related to bullying?
    • What, if any, incidents of cyberbullicide or bullicide have been reported in the news in your area?
    • What, if any, local celebrities are concerned about bullying?
  • What anti-bullying activities presently occur in your community (on and off campus)?
  • What on-campus events might be compatible with anti-bullying activities?
  • What resources (members, funding, etc.) do you have available to help you in your anti-bullying research and other activities?
  • Which on-campus student groups might work with your chapter on anti-bullying activities?

Identify Your Focus: as a chapter, determine what you are interested in focusing on related to bullying.

  • What question or questions emerge from your examination of the context of bullying of interest to you?
  • What are your goals?  How will you know if you have accomplished these goals?

Develop Response Possibilities:

  • What are some possible activities your chapter could engage in to reach the goals you are focusing on?  For each response possibility  you might consider:
    • What resources do you have to help you with this course of action?
    • What resources might you need to implement this plan?
    • What are the possible consequences for school bullying if you respond in this way?
    • What are the potential consequences for your chapter if you respond in this way?
  • If your response is being created in connection with a specific course, what can you do in connection with this course to help lessen the effect of bullying?
    • How can you serve individuals, families, schools, and/or the broader community with the content you are learning?
    • What might you need to investigate further in order to respond more appropriately to bullying?

Determine a Course of Action: as a chapter (or a class), plan a course of action.


Chronicle and Evaluate Your Activities:

  • What did you do?
  • Were your goals accomplished?
  • What impact did your activity or activities possibly have on school bullying?
  • What have you learned:
    • About yourself as a learner?
    • About bullying?
    • As you have responded to bullying?
    • Possible ways whereby you might respond to bullying in the future?

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