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Chapter Report B
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Note: After opening this page, you must complete the report in less than one hour, otherwise entries may be lost.
Chapter Report B should be completed by every chapter before June 1 of each academic year. Your report will be displayed in your chapter pages on this site. Please use plain text only, and be sure to select the correct chapter. 
4. Optional: For entry in the Chapter Awards Program, complete application for one or more topics; see announcements at Application deadline is June 1, annually. 
5. Student Organization Effectiveness Rubric

The following benchmarks recognize the cognitive elements that contribute to excellence in student organizations:

Scoring Scale: 0= No clue; 1 = Remembering; 2 = Understanding; 3 = Applying; 4 = Analyzing; 5 = Evaluating and Creating

The rubrics statements as written represent 0, 2, and 4 scores. If the level of achievement exceeds the statement, give the higher score of remembering, applying, or evaluating/creating.

Chapter Effectiveness Benchmarks

Learning Benchmarks

Faculty Support Benchmarks

Evaluation Benchmarks

Intrapersonal Benchmarks

Interpersonal Benchmarks

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